Welcome to Foundation

Welcome to Foundation Bar, a unique venue in the heart of Covent Garden. We like to call it the ‘Underground Playground’, visit us and you’ll understand why. Renowned for our selection of unique cocktails, we’re the perfect spot for a tasteful tipple, a bite to eat and for dropping your killer moves on the dance floor.

It's the quirkiest place in Covent Garden you can go without being a hipster (but if you are, you can come too). We've even got a deer head on the wall - we call him Dave.

Plan your visit

At Foundation we love a bit of spontaneity. Whether it be a little bit of flaring on the bar, a quick dance with our teammates or a snap by papps we're up for it! If you're like us, we'll be here everyday doing our thing - come say hi. If you're more of a curious person check out below and plan your visit to Foundation. From birthdays to leaving dos, we've got you covered.

Our happiest hours are between 4-8pm every day with a cheeky 50% off cocktails, selected wines and beers and pizza. We'll catch you at the bar!

What's On