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Laughter: The Best Medicine, or Gin… Or, Whatever.

You may be laughing to yourself as you try and convince yourself that, that G&T that you’re about to knock back is entirely for ‘medicinal purposes’, but the truth is, in the 17th century you may not actually have been too far off of the truth. If we are to backtrack to the 17th century you’ll find that gin was not actually sold in bars and clubs, but (almost fittingly, we think) in chemists instead.

Stomach ache, gallstones and gout? Sounds like you could do with some gin… well, that would have been exactly what you’d have been given in the 1700’s. Sounds great, you may think, right? However, the gin consumed in the 17th century was a far cry from the taste we experience today delivered by the likes of Tanqueray, Hendricks and Bombay Sapphire.

Gin in its origin had a rather displeasing taste. One which in an attempt to mask the raw taste of the gin, juniper was later added. In addition to masking the raw taste of 17th century gin, it is thought that juniper also has its own medicinal purposes (including its uses in treating wounds and reducing inflammation). But, luckily we’ve come a l o n g way since the 17th century and in celebration of all things gin, this June for the whole month of June you can get 50% OFF all things gin at Foundation Bar. An offer that’s sure to have you gin-ning from ear-to-ear. Click here to get it now.