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Pan Out Your Pancake Day with #PancakePorn

With a history dating back to at least the 15th century, it appears we’re not the only ones who have enjoyed tucking into a lemon drizzled pancake (or two). Who knew Pancake Day had such an impressive history? Perhaps, almost as impressive as this uber-cool Dad’s pancake making skills. They certainly top anything we’ve personally ever been able to produce and we’re rather jealous! Take a look for yourself and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Uber Cool Dad’s Pancake Making Skills!

Pancake Create YouTube

Pancake Create YouTube (2)

We know right, mesmerising! Especially when we consider the pancake mixture not sticking to the pan the ultimate achievement and a (pancake) toss?!… Sorry, but that’s totally out of the question! If your skills in the kitchen are somewhat dismal (like ours) but you’d love to do something ‘Pancake Themed’ then perhaps it’s time you tucked into some #PancakePorn.

Between the 27th of February and the 4th of March we’ll be mixing up some of the tastiest ‘Pancake Themed’cocktails for you to come and try. If you’re looking for something fun to do but want to save yourself from the potential disappointment of your own pancake failures come and enjoy some #PancakePorn this Pancake Day. Come and choose your favourite from three flipping fabulous ‘Pancake Themed’ cocktails. Don’t flip out though, it’s only #PancakePorn.

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