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Valentine’s is coming and boy, don’t we just know it. Stuff the teddy bear, forget the flowers and chuck the chocolates, (they’ll only make you fat anyway). Our Foundation Bar pick of the top five Anti-Valentine’s songs are here, for you, just like us this Valentine’s Day.

5. (Jason Derulo) Riding Solo


So, so what no one sent you a cute, sickly card sealed with a loving kiss? Who cares? Jason Derulo definitely doesn’t as his head’s in the sky, and he’s ‘Riding Solo’ doing the things he likes. Including, going to the club.

4. (Justin Timberlake) Cry Me a River


You know that they say, ‘some things are better left unsaid’, just like THAT text you almost sent to your Ex… And just like Justin Timberlake, you’re too cute to cry, make them mope because you’re totally over needing someone who’s going to play you like that.

3. (Eamon) F**k It


Our third little number comes to you from Hip-Hop RnB star Eamon. There’s something catchy about this one, but we can’t quite place it. After making it big in 2003 it seems to have all gone down the drain for Eamon, (much like our love lives) but we’re not too worried about that, F**k It.

2. (Jay-Z) 99 Problems


Hot on our list is a number from the recently announced daddy of twins, Mr Jay-Z and, ‘If you’re having girl/guy problems we feel bad for you son’. This Valentine’s, no partner, no problem we say. You may have 99 problems (we doubt you are that troubled) but at least a b**ch ain’t one… and neither is ‘where to take your date’, ‘what to wear’ or ‘what to buy’. You got this.

1. (Little Mix) Shout Out to My Ex


What can we say? The girls and the boys love them. Of course, it had to be Little Mix! First, they stole our hearts and now our hotspot with ‘Shout Out to My Ex’, we’re hooked. Let’s face it shouting out to your ex is way better that being shouted at by them! Who’s the real winner this Valentine’s?

And… Oh baby, I’m cool by the way.