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Summer Lovin’ with Dave

Oi Oi – Davey Boy here.

How’s all my Foundation Family doing?


There have been some big changes behind the scenes of Foundation and have we got some treats in store for you coming up over the next few months. I’m talking Mega mega fun here team.


Foundation is in full summer mood at the moment. Well I say summer but I don’t see it. I think that one unbearable, fan dependent, chub rubbing, sweat fest week of heat was the whole season done and dusted. But all is not lost as we have the best of both worlds here. A dry underground hide out for when the physco weather decides to have a panic attack and chuck it down, top notch air con for the days it decides to cheer the hell up AND a bunch of limited summer offers running throughout, whatever the weather.


We have the opportunity for you to pre order and make your own mojito boxes. A cracking summer add on to your party and even if you’ve got all the gear and no idea one of our bar team will come over and help sort you all out.


We have even done an exclusive package just for our lot which is perfect for those summer vibes. 1 Pimms Sharer, 1 bottle of prosecco and 6 bottles of Passionfruit Cider (which is an absolute dream boat FYI) and a table – all for how much? 30 quid!! I mean I think the gaffa has absolutely nailed that one – get involved!


Finally, just a quick heads up, my Mrs, Penelope is back in town soon and she’s only bringing back the same offer with her as last year. Thousands of you signed up to claim this and loved every minute of it and its back by popular demand. 50% OFF DRINKS BETWEEN 5PM AND 9PM SUNDAY-FRIDAY THROUGHOUT AUGUST. If I had legs that would have been enough to knock me off my feet!! I know you’re all excited so keep your eyes peeled for when this goes live. Other than that, I can’t say much more on the matter as my lips have genuinely been sealed but watch this space people. WATCH THIS SPACE.


Peace Out

D x