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Dave loves January

OIOI You cheeky lot! Your boy Dave is back and ready to get the party started! I’ve been off having a nice little break in Vegas for a stag do. I swear I’ve come back half the mammal I was!

I’m missing all the strip clubs already which is why I’ve been entering this 50k competition we’re running so i can go back and live the dream! It’s the FINAL Week so if you haven’t done it get down to us tonight for 2-4-1 cocktails or tomorrow to see the weekend in Pay Day style!!

It’s so simple to apply – even I know what to do and I haven’t even got my head screwed on (except to this bloody wall!)

All you gotta do is go to  , register your details and preferred venue (Foundation Bar obvs..), log in the codes you get on your drinks receipts, once you have done 5 receipts you are entered into our draw. We’ll be giving away £50,000 to one lucky winner and ten £1000 Bar Tabs!!

Its easy peasy and what’s 5 rounds on pay weekend? Nothing!

We have got our last few tables free for Friday Night so if you haven’t got plans call my ladies on 0207 836 5005 and they’ll sort you out good and proper.

Speak soon,

D x