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OI OI! Guess who’s back?? It’s your old pal Dave the Deer Head!
How the devil have you all been? My Mrs, Penelope, tells me you’ve all been getting up to trouble on the dancefloor which is what I like to hear!

I’ve been heading up all the reindeer’s over in Lapland through the Summer. They were all rushed off their hooves while I was there I tell you! That bloody Rudolph the brown nose reindeer, as I like to call him, was pushed to one said and Big Dave came in and sorted them out good and proper! Now I’m back to do the same with all you lot!

As much as I love my girl, she’s all about piglets and Pina Coladas! I’ve got my head screwed on tight to this wall and I wanna talk about the important stuff – Christmas.
The girls in the office our smashing it and our key dates are booking up quick! All you event organizers who have got the lucky duty this year of organizing your Christmas bash – Listen up!

I know that it’s difficult to think about Christmas just as we’re out for Summer. I know that budgets may not have been released, decision makers are hard to get hold of, final number of attendees aren’t confirmed, other venues are in the pipeline….the list goes on and I hear it every year. At the end of the day, if you want your Christmas party to go down in history for being the best of the best call the girls today on 0207 836 5005!! They can arrange everything for you and make it completely stress free! And the offers they can do are better than ever – you won’t regret it trust me!

Anyway I won’t go on too much too soon!
Have a cracking rest of the week and hopefully I’ll be seeing all your faces down here this weekend!
Ladies especially – I’ve missed ya!

Tata for now
Dave x