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Hello hello to my little treacle’s!!

What a busy old month I’ve had I tell ya!! Going out every weekend and seeing what you all get up to is a tiring ordeal!
I’ve had more selfies’ taken with people than Kim Kardashian and dragged onto the dance floor to get more down and dirty with all you fellas than I do back home in my mud sty!

It brings a big old black tear to my eye thinking that I’ll only be here for less than 3 weeks now! That’s right gang me and the reason I’m here – THE SUMMER SAVER – will be going wewewe all the way back home. If you haven’t downloaded your voucher and experienced this crackling offer than do it now!! 50% off drinks until 9pm is an incredible London offer! ‘Pigs might fly’ you say, but it’s nothing but the truth! An absolute saving!!

Even if you have used it, download a fresh one every day! Get your colleagues down, your mates down, your family, heck get the big bad wolf down here for all I care! Just use it and abuse it while the offer is still standing.

Make the next 3 weeks that bit better as well and book you and your rascal mates with a cheeky table. Just call the girls in the office on 0207 836 5005 and they can do the rest!

Speak to you all soon – have a fabby week!