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Well well well, hello you lovely lot!

I’m Penelope the pig – Daves Mrs! I’ve sent the old dear off to have a rest before Christmas hits us hard this year. You’ll find me hanging around Foundation Bar, so feel free to come and take a selfie with me! I may look a bit scary but I don’t bite.. my eyes just bleed at all the stuff I have to see at this underground play den!!

Dave had a word with the bosses here and persuaded them to fly me over from Portugal (hence the slight sun burn I’m sporting at the moment!) I’ve bought a bit of summer back with me and sorted out a HUGE SUMMER SAVER!!

Up until the 6th September, we are doing 50% off all our drinks every day until 9pm!! I know you may all read this and think ‘pigs might fly!’ but its true I tell you. All you have to do is download the voucher code ( ) and away you go! It’s almost cheaper to drink then to not drink with this deal!

We’ve all got things planned for this summer that are bleeding our bank accounts dry, so here’s the opportunity to really fill up those piggy banks at home and make an unheard of saving in central London!
For any enquiries on this, just call the wonderful ladies in the office on 0207 836 5005. Have a crackling weekend!

P x

Here to tell you all about our powerful summer saver!!