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Ninja Noonan

Lads, Ladies, Your boy Dave the Deer Head here and I need your help!!

This morning, I was having a gaze at the tables in front of me and saw something cartwheel across the floor – I couldn’t believe my glass eyes… Ninja Noonan is back in the gaff and it’s not fun when he is around.
Ninja Noonan is our Christmas mascot and if I had one, he would be a right pain in my derriere. He loves Christmas and everything that goes with it! He moves so fast that no one’s probably noticed… him before. Not me though, I see him from up here with all the events, looking up the ladies party skirts and flying off with their Christmas dinner on a stick – he’s a bloody rascal he is.
Well he’s back and he’s not happy. He’s taken Foundations Golden Star and held it hostage until we book in more Christmas parties. We’ve managed to contain him in one of our jam jars but if we don’t book in another 5 Christmas parties by next Friday, we’re in a whole lotta trouble.

Ninja Noonan

If you work for a company (which most of you do I imagine), give us a call on 0207 836 5005 and we will help you get on the Christmas ball and ahead of that festive game! I’m sorry for bringing out the ‘C’ word in June but trust me – we’ll be singing carols before we know it!

Dave x