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Tough in the Mud!

Oi Oi you naughty lot!!

Happy Bloody Friday.. How lavly has it been to have a 4 day week!

As you all know, the Novus lot did Tough Mudder last week and they absolutely SMASHED it out the field. In amongst the troopers was my girl and the Sales Manager of Foundation Emma Carney!!

I tell ya, her legs can get up higher than the Bloomin Shard and her guns on those monkey bars were looking tighter than Jennifer Aniston! So proud of all the gang here at Novus for raising OVER their target for Crisis. What an achievement!!

The atmosphere was an absolute BUZZ!! After plunging into iced water, getting tear gas to the eye, electric shocks to the body, getting pulled, pushed, lifted, trod on, climbing, crawling AND a 10.8 mile run in the mud, a cider never tasted so good. By the looks of some secret footage I have got my antlers on, the cider went down very well with our lot. Dance Offs, Limbos, more ciders and a bit of coacheyoakey to finish off the day with a very singalong journey home – you can’t take ‘em anywhere!!

If anyone reckons they can lug a dear head around with them next year then put DAVE down for 1 Tough Mudder Ticket!!

Check out the before, during and after teaser pics of the crew in action!