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Mr Lover Lover

Oi Oiii


Dave the deer head here or should I say Mr Lover Lover. Cheekyyy

It’s that time of year where I like to treat my Mrs, Denise to a bit of heavy petting.

I’ve been so busy of late helping the gang here launch our new food and drinks menu that my focus hasn’t been at home.

Don’t get me wrong, even though my legs can’t, my eyes do love a wander around the talent at Foundation Bar but in all said and done, I’m a one woman kind of deer.


In fact all this love in the air has made me feel all romantic and I’ve wrote a little love poem dedicated to all you rascals this weekend.

Remember, if you need a table or guest list still, give the girls a girl on 0207 836 5005.


Here we go!


Are you single and looking for fun?

Or out for an evening with your special loved one.

We offer an underground gem to you all

And to book in with us, just give us a call.


Whether it’s cocktails at the bar or dinner for two,

I can promise Foundation is the perfect place for you.

Party with your mates? Or a strong Tinder date?

I hope it ends getting naughty in bed, on the day that is the 14th Feb.


Boom! Gotta love a bit of poetry.

Anyway I’m off to get ready for tonights lot of party people.

Have a strong weekend of love and naughtiness.


Bit of advice from Davey Boy – Make sure you all wrap up…. It’s still cold outside ;)