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Oi Oiiii

Long time no speak and a happy bloody new year to the lot of ya!!

I see you have all been lovin’ 2015 so far – January was mental times! We just had the beautifully talented Karen Harding performing here for the launch of Now Wow Nights – what a fine piece of woman she is! Over a STAGgering 3000 of you party lovers downloaded our January Sale voucher and for those few rascals that didn’t, I expect to see you soon! Dry January is well and truly over now my friends! The only thing dry you’ll find in here is the gin.

So, let’s talk February. Have we got a tasty little treat for you this month! I know Mondays are pretty much the worst day of the week, I can barely crack a smile when I’ve got them blues but not anymore! In the words of my pal, Lionel Richie, I am coming to the rescue with Happy Hour ALL NIGHT LONG – I’d bet my right arm that you couldn’t find a better offer. My motto is Spend Half and Live Double people!

Thursdays see the re-launch of Peace, Love, Cocktails – my favourite kind of love. You want mojitos? I’ll give it ya. You want Margherita’s, Martinis? I’ll give it ya… with 50% off cocktails till we close. It’s a day not to be missed so make sure you book a table or guest list as this offer is very popular.

Still loving all the attention I’m getting with the selfies. Remember to Instagram them and #foundationfamily. If you’re in this picture with me, give my babes in the office a call on 0207 836 5005 and they’ll sort you out with a double bar tab and table any Thursday in February. Although Lads…let’s remember I’m here for the ladies most of the time. As you can see from my face, I was not lovin’ your whisky breath and if you see your bro, tell him I want my hat back!


See you soon Gang!