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Only me! Dave the Deer head!

Well, well, well, It’s that time of year again – Christmas is here! I know you’re all eager for those few festive days with the fam where we are overwhelmed with presents, turkey, chocolates and treats and afternoon sleeps but let me tell you about the here and now… Everyone seems to be working their ASS off (Sound Familiar?) I know I am!! I’ve been up and down helping out the team and posing for selfies with you drunk youths more times than I can say ‘Santa’s hereeee’

Its important that you make the most of your free time and this is where I come in and my little underground gem (which by the way has scrubbed up proper lovely for the festive season). We’ve still got our popular happy hour from 5- 7 with 50% off all drinks AND we’ve just released our Christmas cocktails exclusive for the season. Don’t you think I haven’t been getting one of the sexy little bar girls to bring me a cookies and cream when the doors shut.

Speaking of doors shutting…are you all aware that for this weekend and next weekend we are closing at 3am? Say whatttt! I know there’s nothing worse than reaching that level where your dance moves are on point and you’ve clocked that sugar and spice on the dance floor just as its chucking out time – fear not gang – We got ya backs!

Speaking of backs… We are venturing into the busiest 2 weeks of Christmas and we have table bookings, lunches and dinners back to back every day! If you still haven’t arranged your Christmas party then pull your finger out of that mince pie and give my girls a call on 0207 836 5005 or visit and make an enquiry – we’ll do our best to get you sorted!

Anyway I’m off – drink safe, eat lots and remember to come visit your old pal Dave!