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Hello you rascals!

Dave here and guess what.. I’ve only started growing a moustache for Movember!

I was worried it was going to make me look old and withered but now I’ve done it – I think I look bloody sexy!!

I reckon the ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off me and the lads well… they all wanna be me already!

As you will all have realised, I’ve made the decision to donate my upper lip to the Movember movement. Over the 30 days of November, I’m growing a moustache while raising funds and awareness for men’s health. Although I am a deer and not a man… I feel it is something I want to do for all the lads out there!

It’s been said that with a great moustache comes great responsibility. I’m reaching out today with hopes that you’ll donate to my moustache so that it may grow just that bit more.

There is life in the old deer yet and I’m passionate about Movember! Teams  are working tirelessly every day, connecting and funding the best scientific and clinical minds in the world, working towards two urgent goals: fast tracking a time when no man will die from prostate or testicular cancer, and to rid the world of discrimination against men and boys with mental health problems.

Now for the real stuff that’s gonna get this ball running – You can donate by:

Donating online at


Writing a cheque to ‘Movember’, referencing my registration ID: 10598921 and mailing it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 3, Diss, IP98 1HH

You can learn more about the important work and impact Movember is having at:

There’s a lot riding on this moustache, so thank you and I appreciate your support in advance.

See you soon gang!