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Peace, Love, Cocktails

Dave the deer head here coming live from my wonderful Foundation Bar.


I apologise for my lack of communication with you recently gang!  Me and the team have been overwhelmed with party bookings for all you glorious cocktail lovers! Speaking of cocktails – you are all loving the Peace, Love, Cocktails night we do every Thursday, 2-4-1 on all our delicious concoctions all night long!! i stayed here last night to oversee things and wowzas- – these cocktails do get the ladies juices flowing (if you know what i mean lads- wehayyy) I don’t know if its the alcohol, the atmosphere or just the general cheekiness of having a drinky before the weekend hits but the talent is looking damn fineeee. Thursdays are definitely the new Fridays at Foundation so get on board!!


I wanted to send out a little heads up about Christmas. On the personal front, Christmas has never been my favourite time of the year. Rudolf this, rudolph that. Let me tell ya, i knew Rudolph back in the day and besides from that beaming red nose, he aint got alot going for him. I cant say i see the major difference between me as a deer and him as a Reindeer but he was the ‘chosen one’. More for him as i get to spend my life in the sickest bar in the Westend…and im sexier. On the professional front, if you haven’t booked your christmas party up yet…. HURRY THE EGG ON. We are fully booked on so many dates already so get your bosses credit cards and call my girls on 0207 836 5005 and we’ll do the rest.


Finally, I wanna make sure you all know about our Halloween event..31st October.. SWEENEY TODD IS coming to town! Holy jamoley! We’ve got Mrs Lovetts Pies, we’ve got complimentary cocktails, we’ve got CRACKING prizes to be won and we’ve only got our very own barbers being set up in venue with some professional Sweeney Todds ready to give you the closest shave of your life. If you don’t know the Sweeney Todd legend then shame on you and look it up.. it’s scary and messed up as hell! Although i don’t know what they were all whinging about for losing their heads… TRY LOSING YOUR WHOLE BODY. I wanna see you all there in the Halloween spirit ready to make a night you’ll never forget.


That’s all from me, I think i have said my peace and kept you all up to date.

Take care and don’t be a stranger – we’ve always got something going on!


Dave x