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Davey Babey here! Last weekend was messy to say the least, however I have a suspicion its gonna have nothing on this weekends event #noballsallowed. Be sure to check it out!! Last weekend there was so much to gaze at from upon the wall; the ladies in fancy dress looking boom-ting, birthday parties a plenty, awkward first dates that led into sloppy one night stands (I …presume) and then there were these geezers. MY IDOLS. Now my horns are as straight as a ruler, but I can appreciate a good looking man when I see one! I was almost depressed that I couldn’t get down from the wall, head roll to the bar and join them! The Groom was an absolute character and you could tell it was his last night of freedom. The ladies laved the ginger do! Anyway, I wont drop the lads in it.. I am simply a fly on the wall…apart from i’m a deer. If you were part of this stag group or about to marry the stag, comment on the photo/private message us and we’ll sort you out with some free goodies for your next night out!! Maybe the wedding reception ;)