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Allo! Allo! Allo!

Allo! Allo! Digital Dave here for your favourite post of the week! I have got so much to tell you guys – the things I saw over the weekend nearly turned my eyes to glass!!

WC2 UNDERGROUND was a huge success! Thank you to all who came and drank the bar dry. I thought our Mr Whippy man was gonna pass out with how busy we were – there was soft scoop left right and centre! Everyone seemed to be livin…g the dream on the dance floor – BIG SHOUT out to My Digital Enemy and Sound Slaves – it was an absolute pleasure. Whether you were fist pumping to the house beats, slapping your hands on the bongos like you had never seen an instrument before or just enjoying the underground festival vibes with friends – I lav you all!

Now for some good news – we are holding WC2 UNDERGROUND PART 2! Its on the 30th August and is gonna be even better than the first one. You don’t wanna miss it!! Call 0207 836 5005 to speak to my wives upstairs and they’ll sort you and the gang out. Come and celebrate the end of summer with your pal Dave (Even though I haven’t seen sunlight for about 7 years now..)

MORE GOOD NEWS – I spoke to a deer friend of mine back home in the forest and he’s sorted me out with some bubbles, so If you fancy coming down with your friends any other night to see me, book in for 10 or more and ill give you a FREE bottle of Veuve Clicquot on the table. Get involved!!

That is all I have for you this week, however one last thing – incase they thought they had got away with it….Lovely seeing the sales team in here this weekend…. What states you were! Dancing, drinking, singing..and from me to you – the flirting was embarrassing guys!

See you in a week followersss!
Dave x